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Safe first aid training during covid-19 

Your safety is very important when you are taking part in any type of physical training during Covid-19. After the pandemic outbreak many things changed in our lives and we all had to adjust to blended or moved online meeting and training for our work but also our personal relationships.

Safe First aid during Covid-19
Safe First aid during Covid-19

The HSE standards here in the UK and Wales say that first aid training can only be delivered in the classroom as it’s a practical course where students will have the chance to practise physically and gain confidence when an emergency situation arises.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed so many things here at Four Minutes we had to implement a new way of training in order to protect our students and the NHS from spreading the various in our classes.


Here are our Covid-19 processes we have adapted and we follow to ensure we keep everybody safe in the first aid classroom at Caerphilly business park.


Bigger Classroom, smaller groups

We are now using the biggest classroom in our building that has normal capacity of 18 people, however for safety reasons we do not accept more than 8 people in the classroom. We are also breaking the groups from each company to make sure people are not mixing with other working bubbles.

 Thermometer safety check

Upon your arrival the instructor will check your temperature and ask you few questions about traveling and your health and other members of your household.

 Keeping enough distance from the other learners.

When you will arrive in the classroom you will seat to the furthest seat available from the exit door and each seat will have at least 2 meters distance from the other learners. We have also allocated training space on the floor for you around your seat where you can practise CPR and AED use far away from the other students with plenty of practical space.

Airflow and open doors

We have two big windows at the classroom and double doors that we keep them open at all times . During covid-19 we want to ensure that there is enough clean air and airflow at the room during your first aid training here at Caerphilly business park.

Instructor and Trainees PPE

Our instructors will wear a visor all the time and they will guide you on how to use  the following safety steps:

  • Defective gel
  • One way system
  • Equipment hygiene
  • Face masks

 Hygiene training First Aid equipment

We have invested in Four Minutes ltd and from on new equipment and we are providing separate equipment to each student who is participating at our First aid at Work courses, BLS and Paediatric.

Upon arrival at your dedicated space, you will find a CPR mannequin with new clean lungs and a new face mask barrier for you. You will also find an AED unit for you with clean pads, a first aid kit with bandages, causes and gloves for your training.

All the equipment you are going to use during the course has been already sanitised before end at the end of each day.

All the surfaces including table tops or any other smooth surfaces, including door handles are also cleaned by our cleaners.

Doors will be propped open to reduce touching of door handles. For doors that cannot be propped open, e.g. fire doors, these will be sanitised regularly throughout the day.

Please if you have any further questions with our safety procedure during covid-19 on our first aid training please get in touch at

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